Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Moses Exterior Cleaning

Moses Exterior Cleaning is proud to provide reliable pressure washing in Sartell for an affordable price and high-quality guarantee or your money back. We love helping our neighbors get the outstanding curb appeal they deserve, but we also enjoy listening to our customers and addressing any concerns they may have about pressure washing. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more frequent questions that get brought up about our services. However, if there’s something else you’d wish to know about our professional pressure washing, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 320-348-0494.

Do You Work With Commercial Clients?

If you’re a fellow business owner in need of an expert surface cleaning in Sartell, fear not! Moses Exterior Cleaning is happy to provide commercial pressure washing services for all businesses in the area. Our pressure washing treatment will restore the beauty of your exterior surfaces and promote a positive image for your commercial enterprise.

Is That Black Stuff On My Roof Really Not Dirt?

Unfortunately, that black stuff on your roof is an organic growth called Gloeocapsa Magma. Gloeocapsa Magma is a form of algae that flourishes and spreads wherever this moisture, shade, and a little bit of limestone.

The good news is that we can remove these eyesores and prevent them from further growth with our professional pressure washing. If you have dark algae streaks or any other grime blighting your shingles, count on the roof cleaning pros at Moses Exterior Cleaning to safely remove them and bring your roof back to a dazzling shine!

I Have Old, Set In Stains. Does Your Service Clean Those Up?

Stubborn stains are always a heartbreak to see on your exterior surfaces, but they don’t stand a chance against our professional pressure washing! Moses Exterior Cleaning has the equipment and expertise you can rely on that will rid your property of old stains and restore the original beauty of your outdoor surfaces.

Why Can't I Use Pressure To Clean My Home?

Different surfaces on your home require different approaches to properly clean and protect. For example, concrete can be pressure washed because of its strength and durability, while more delicate surfaces like natural wood and roof shingles should be soft washed to avoid damage. The wrong cleaning method can be ineffective in removing stains from these kinds of surfaces and can result in damage to them. That's why you should always work with a professional who knows how to assess a surface and use the best method to clean it.

Why Do We Water the Plants and Vegetation?

At Moses Exterior Cleaning, we believe doing the best job extends beyond the results we leave with clean exterior surfaces. Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction, and that's only possible by taking extra precautions to ensure nothing is disturbed or damaged, including your plants and vegetation. We pre-soak plants to protect against exposure to cleaning solutions and rinse following a job like house washing to remove any cleansers or lingering dirt that may still be present.

What’s The Difference Between Your Services And Me Just Buying A DIY Pressure Washer?

When you rely on our professional pressure washing services, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with:

  • A fully insured, experienced crew trained to clean all types of surface materials.
  • You won’t have to rent or buy any equipment, because we bring everything we need to every project.
  • If for some reason you’re not satisfied with our end results, we’ll give you your money back.
  • There’s no worry about any damage to your property through improper use of equipment or harmful cleaning solutions.
  • We achieve the best results possible and finish the job right the first time.

Is House Washing A DIY Project I Can Do Myself?

While it is possible to tackle the house washing process on your own with rented equipment or a pressure washer you have on hand, many homeowners wind up causing damage to their homes that could have been easily prevented if they'd simply hired someone experienced with the process. When you're in need of reliable house washing that won't damage the exterior of your home in the process, give our team of skilled professionals a call and let us help you get the job one safely.

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